Fast Forward to Fall

We're not trying to beat the heat, we promise we are just ready for the excitement that fall is bringing us! With three new lines arriving as well as Baby Bella #2, how could you blame us? 


Baby Bella #1 is ready to meet her sister/future wedding dress shopping companion! 



Our three new lines will bring a bit more diversity to our store as well as a whole mass of fabulous! We've had many questions about these lines & their arrival - we promise the wait is almost over!  These gowns should be rolling in by mid-August to the beginning of September. Until then here is a sneak peek at our buys on these lines!



Muse by BERTA

A divine new line from BERTA just made its debut this year & will differentiate from the main line by being more up the Boho/vintage alley. Muse utilizes many soft tulles and chiffons in the collection making the gowns themselves easy, breezy, and rather beautiful!







Marchesa Notte

This diffusion collection from Marchesa is lively and fun with 3D appliques and intricate embroidery. With 'supreme femininity'  being the center of Marchesa's designs, you just can't help but feel like a lady!






Randy Fenoli Bridal


After years of being surrounded by brides & stunning gowns Randy Fenoli of the hit show 'Say Yes to the Dress' debuted his bridal collection this year as well! With multiple DEBI awards and feedback from over 15,000 brides Randy truly knows his mission: make every bride feel beautiful while choosing the most important dress of their lives. 







August 18th & 19th

Muse by BERTA


September 15th & 16th

Marchesa NOTTE


September 21st - 23rd

Randy Fenoli Bridal


We can't wait to have you Future Bella Bride!



Assurance of Spring 2017

Many Bella's come to us looking to find a dress that will be timeless. They try on a mix of styles and run into problems when they start to love a modern style or even small feature of the dress. Worries arise on whether or not 5-10 years down the road that the dress in question will be timeless or just a fad that came and went.

Bridal Fashion Week affirmed the presence of a few trends we seem to get questions on. These trends are going to stick around and be seen all over Pinterest for a few more years! Lets break them down!



Bedroom Babe

Visibly seeing a corset top throws many brides off, its a bold move that will be carrying on through out next year. If a bride isn't typically used to seeing herself in sexier clothing wearing a wedding gown that has the underwear element to it can feel as exposed as Vera Wang's take on the trend for Spring 2017 (seen below). To some the thought of wearing a risque dress around family members could give someone a heart attack, having the dress lined in its more sheer panels can help relieve the situation.







Bows Brought to Life

The statement bow is easy to accept for playful brides who dress very youthful but for those on a more serious side it is harder to love. Size is always an issue, in many cases we see the bride wanting a smaller sized bow or no bow at all. Its definitely a matter of personality and taste. One thing is certain that bows, flowers, and bling will not be leaving the scene as a means of giving life to wedding gowns.



A Matter of Color

Different tones of ivory, blush, and champagne are common to see for dress lining colors but Spring 17' brings a twist to color in the wedding industry. 'Something blue' can now be your entire dress not just a patch sewn in the inside of a gown or sticker on the bottom of a pair of heels. Black bridesmaids dresses are thrown to the curb and replaced with black wedding gowns for the not-so-traditional bride.







Bling It On

Bling will not be leaving us anytime soon, year by year the intricacy of the embellishments becomes more apparent and eye-catching. It makes sense figuring the way designers want to out-do a previous design and keep innovating. As women we want the same, we don't want the same look as our friends or even third-cousin removed's wedding gown. Bling and lace allow for differentiation. Lace isn't questioned like all the shine and shimmer is because we tend to think we are over-doing it. NEWS FLASH: It's your wedding day, go all out bling it on its not going out of style!



Patterns & Textures

Striped gowns and horsehair trim will be making another huge splash for the seasons to come. Much like bling different patterns and textures are hesitated against because we are unsure if we are over-doing it. Patterns can confuse us because we are used to seeing them on casual wear more so than a wedding gown. Until you try these bold gowns on you will never know how it will look on you!