Bella's Guide to Saying "Yes!"

Bella's Guide to Saying "Yes!"

Bella's Guide to Saying "Yes!". Mobile Image

Mar 22, 2016


You've been pinning and plotting your wedding day look since the moment you saw him get down on one knee, maybe even since you were a little the decision to say yes to the dress is if not the most important purchase of the entire wedding planning process. Here are some guidelines to follow when dress shopping:



It Just Feels Right

Maybe the dress is your wedding style or maybe its on the complete opposite end of the realm, whatever it may be it just feels right simply put. If you are not overwhelmed with joy and love then its not the right feeling we're discussing. You feel like the ultimate bride in your respective venue. Instinctively you'll want to dance, sway, and even feel down the dress. Getting out of this dress will be a challenge!   42cc3a85-73eb-4cea-b1b7-e3ace8b9a51f~rs_768


You Can Envision the Wedding

Not only can you see your fiances reaction at the end of the aisle but you can see yourself 30 years down the road looking back at your bridal portraits, loving your dress more so then the day you first tried it on. The reactions of your loved ones who are at the fitting now become the reaction of all the guests. When you've fallen in love with each part of your dress it gets much easier envisioning every moment from floating down the aisle to your first dance!   o-WEDDING-DRESS-SHOPPING-facebook


No Other Gown Can Quite Compare

If you continue to try on dresses after one has really taken your breath away and you find yourself envisioning the 'one' and comparing it to the others chances are this is the dress! No matter if you try on 20 more gowns the one you keep comparing to is the one, so throw the towel in and say, "YES!" If you are in a toss up between dresses try putting one on right after the other. Subtle differences start to pop out after you go back and forth between the two and one dress will start to speak more to you.   Bella Bride Cristelle compared fits between stores and dresses and found her dress with us. "I had been looking for dresses and had tried about 10 dresses on when I tried on my Hayley Paige dress it was in my actual size, that was the deal breaker!"     Wedding-Dress-Shopping1


Ready for Accessories

When you're ready to add a veil or headpiece you've placed the dress in your top selections or its taken prevalence over the rest making it the one. When you begin to accessorize before you've narrowed down to two to three dresses it can become confusing and you may start to like a dress you were on the fence about because you can now see a whole picture. You don't want to be on the fence about the dress, you should be over the fence shouting out how much you love the dress! This is not always the case with some brides; some are on the simpler side and could never imagine wearing a veil or jeweled sash. Bella Bride Nicole didn't want to play with accessories but knew when she put her dress on immediately it was her dress. "I was getting super bummed going to different cities and not finding anything that caught my eye, when I slipped on my dress I knew it was the one after all the searching and traveling!"    

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