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Bella's Friday Faves

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Sep 09, 2016

When it comes to meeting modern with traditional, Hayley Paige never lets us down! She is hands down our favorite for mixing these two elements most brides look for. Our fave this week is Esther by Hayley Paige.


What makes her our fave besides the twist on a traditional gown?

A combination of lightweight loveliness and fun pin-striping make Esther simply divine. As much as this gown may look like a ball gown it is a modified ball gown so there is no crinoline giving it volume. With no crinoline and organza layering it is truly a breeze to move in making this gown perfect for the bride wanting a ball gown but afraid of how hot it may be or even how voluminous it may be


Another perk on Esther is the rouged band around the high waist, it creates a beautiful shape by accentuating the waist. Esther also has a twist on the sweetheart that is very different! Many chose to raise this bust line by an inch which is an option through the design house.



The options available on this dress are remarkable! Another option that Hayley Paige allows at a cost is to have Esther made without the striping, which hits home to the brides looking for a more traditional look.

img_42211   img_42231

How do I accessorize Esther?

Even with the striping going through-out the gown it is so easy to jazz it up whether you are looking for more bling or just a simple touch. One guideline for the striped version of Esther would be to stick to any silver jewelry, gold accessories could of course be worn with the all ivory version of Esther.


img_42291 We chose to highlight the trim of the gown with one of our favorite veils from Jennifer Leigh Veils mimicking the horse-hair trim found on most Hayley Paige gowns. This particular veil is equipped with the blusher attached.

img_42251 Below you see how beautifully silver accessories can compliment the striping. To not draw away from the dress we chose a statement sash and a nice earring, nothing too large but definitely no stud. You can accessorize to your pleasing adding a headpiece or clip even a jeweled bolero would be a stunning addition!