Bella's Guide to Pinterest

Bella's Guide to Pinterest

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Sep 23, 2016

A best friend and a worst enemy, we've all had one but until you start planning your wedding you were unaware how ruling this can be on your plans. Particularly more so when you are a Pinterest enthusiast gathering all aspects of your wedding from the site.


Often a Bride comes in with screen shots of a gown that she is set on and cannot move forward until she has tried on that particular gown. A good portion of wedding gown photos on Pinterest will not include a designer name or a price leaving a Bride-to-be quite clueless. She may go into a bridal shop and show these photos to a consultant and find the designer and then find out prices, this can either shock her or make her very happy. If the store doesn't carry the designer or line then she is set out into the world to find it and may run into tough circumstances. Unfortunately gowns that have been discontinued from a designer still circulate around Pinterest and tempt thousands of brides, this is what makes Pinterest the worst enemy.


There are many benefits to the site of course; to gather inspiration, to find out styles that work on your particular body type, and to find useful tricks as far as gown comfort and fitting. Don't steer away from a particular style if you have your heart set on it, you truly never know until you try it on. Professional models and Photoshop really create the perfection of a photo, look into 'Real Bride' shots of a gown you have been interested in. You might still come across photos of models but you will see more real Brides rather than just models (as seen above).