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Bella's Friday Fave

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Oct 07, 2016

 Finding out your wedding style is apart of the wedding planning process, it may be spectacular and fun for many but for others it is just that; a process. For women who typically hate wearing dresses, bridal separates can be a safe ground that's comforting and beautiful. The concept of bridal separates for Brides can be challenging, either they are all for it or against it. Some are unsure until they have it on and are blown away.




Many believe that separates will look as it sounds S E P A R A T E. There are many ways you can make the separates look as if they were two pieces and many ways you can make them look as if the were a single dress. If you want to make it look uniform Martina Liana offers a customization of sewing your two choices together. If you want to make it look separate you can show mid-drift or go with a two-toned look (seen below).  There are so many options to make your wedding look YOUR wedding look that is why the Celia corset & Scout skirt are our favorite right now!







Accessorizing Bridal Separates

Accessorizing separates can help you achieve the look of being more uniform. For instance you can place a sash at the natural waist to bring the colors together and for the double whammy it will bring in the waist! Who doesn't want that? We also added an off-the-shoulder strap to create a soft, romantic touch.





We chose to highlight the cleaner ivory color rather than the stone color on the skirt because the skirt color has majority of the look. We also chose to use a few boho-chic headpieces instead of a veil, most of our brides who go down the separates route typically are less traditional and are opposed to wearing a veil.












The separates can be so playful and freeing for many women who have a hard time finding the right dress, its relief for the Bride who makes the hunt for a dress a strenuous process. Accessorizing separates can be as custom as the pieces themselves, the more you change or add the more you are creating a personal look no one has seen yet. That's liberating knowing you don't have to have a designer draw up and charge you your whole wedding budget to get something pretty custom!