Bella's Friday Fave

Bella's Friday Fave

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Nov 18, 2016

Our fave this week is Candice by Kitty Chen, it may go into the category of fave wedding gown of all time because it makes a statement front & back! Just check it out for yourself!


Brides looking for a long train and open back, look no further! Candice has got elements many ladies look for but have a hard time finding all in one: bling, lace, support with an open back, and of course that statement train! With many gowns that have an open back or extremely low back the front of the gown suffers because of the lack of support inside of the gown, Candice has all the right boning and structuring to keep the bride up right.



Accessorizing Candice:


With so much lace and centralized beading you really don't have to accessorize this too much! A nice head piece with a veil and a simple earring would be our suggestion but you can really jazz it up as much as you like! We chose one of our favorite head pieces from Bel Aire Bridal that is truly versatile. The boho bride can wear this piece more as a halo to get that bohemian feel & a more traditional bride can set the piece more so in her hair than across the forehead.


When it comes to pairing a veil with Candice you really want the veil to reach past the beading beneath the open back (finger tip length) or you would want the veil to reach past the train (cathedral length 148").


With a combination of pearls and rhinestones the beading really allows flexibility with what you might want to wear. The fingertip veil we chose to pair with Candice has both pearls and rhinestones



The cathedral length veil we styled with Candice allows the gown to speak for itself, not taking away from the lace or embellishments. Cathedral veils come in 120" and 148" - the 120" does not go past the train where as the 148" does.